Monday, April 11, 2011


When I met Flatmancrooked editor Steve Owen at the St. Patrick's Day reading, I learned that he would be leaving the organization. Now it looks like he's not the only one. As of last week, Flatmancrooked has announced that they will be shutting up shop--permanently--on May 1st.

What does this mean for Flatman fans...and those of you who have been putting off ordering a copy of their Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetics? Get your copies now! This is literally your last chance to hold in your hot little hands a copy of my poem, "The Fistulated Cow." Not to mention all the other great stuff they've packed into this little collection.

So order here. Or click the picture above. Or the book icon to the right. Or forever bemoan the fact that you lost your chance. After all, do you really want to be singing (a la Annie), "This is the book I never read...these are the tears, the tears I shed"?

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