Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie Monday: Oscar 2011 Post-Game

Yikes...I'm almost scared to tally up how my predictions did this year. If I hadn't just got back from Las Vegas--where I lost a whopping $5 on the Magic Unicorn penny slots--I might not even have the energy to do so. But, since I'm on a losing streak, I might as well...

Picture -- YES
Director -- NO
Actress -- YES
Actor -- YES
Supporting Actress -- NO
Supporting Actor -- YES
Animated Film -- YES
Film Editing -- NO
Costume Design -- NO
Original Song -- NO
Makeup -- YES
Adapted Screenplay -- NO
Original Screenplay -- NO

Final Score -- 6 out of 13 correct? Gadzooks!

Even though I didn't make predictions in this category, I was extremely excited to see Trent Reznor win for his haunting score for The Social Network...maybe one of the best parts of that movie. Though, when Trent walked on stage looking more like a dad than a rock star, it made me feel so old.

Speaking of age, the two most entertaining parts of the show were completely opposite in that regard. I vote for Anne Hathaway and Kirk Douglas to host the show next year!

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