Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011

I completely missed the boat on this last year...I guess I was too busy during 2010's National Poetry Month reveling in rural-ness. But this year, I've got myself together and I am ready to participate in Kelli Russell Agodon's Big Poetry Giveaway 2011.

Click on the picture above to learn more about this event and find other participating bloggers. If you've found me via Kelli's site, welcome! I am a poet and book reviewer living in a small town in the Sacramento Delta. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona where I learned to love succulents and sweating. Since then, I have grown to embrace all things rural and small-town: cows, gardens, even the occasional infestation.

In almost all aspects of my life, I like to get rid of things. Except books. I admit it: I am a book hoarder. I am a gollum of poetry collections (oh Ariel, my precious!). So, the most difficult part of this was deciding which of my favorites to give away. I seriously stood at my poetry bookcase for about an hour, trying to make this wrenching decision. So, after a long, dark, soul-searching struggle, here are the books I'm willing to part with:

The easy decision: A Classic Game of Murder

This is my chapbook from dancing girl press. It is a collection of poems inspired by the board game CLUE. All the rooms, weapons, and characters are in there. If you like murder mystery parties or Agatha Christie books, you'll dig this collection.

The hard decision: Mary Oliver's American Primitive

Love this book...I mean LOVE. This is the book I made all my seventh-graders read in its entirety. These poems are sexy, lush, fruitful, filled with creatures. And Oliver's language is so tight, so skillful, it reads as effortless. These are nature poems that are about so much more than nature.

If you want a chance to win either of these, leave a comment below telling me which CLUE character is your favorite. I will draw two random winners on May 1st. Happy reading!


Renee said...

great giveaway!

my favorite clue character is Miss Scarlet =)

Karen J. Weyant said...

I have your chapbook, but would love to be entered in "the hat" for Mary Oliver's book!

margoroby said...

What fun! I mean beyond possibly winning one of those books [especially yours - I mean who can resist a CLUE theme?!]. Let's see. I love the name Miss Scarlet, but I always liked Colonel Mustard when playing.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

My favorite Clue Character is Mr. Green. I love the look of concentration, angst, and irkedness on his face.
I'd love to be entered in your drawing.


Danica said...

Please put me in for the win!

Donna Cappello said...

Well, Miss Scarlet of course! Provacative and cool - what a dame!

Laura E. Davis said...

I'm excited!


Count me in.

Katie Cappello said...

Wow, lots of Miss Scarlets in the house. No love for poor Professor Plum?

utopianfragments said...

I love board games, though don't know this one. sounds very interesting.
I love even much more John Fahey, the father of American Primitivism (as far as I know or concern.

What a great chance.
please write me name down and fold it into your hat.

(and you are more than welcome to join in mine).

Sandy Longhorn said...

You gotta love the alliteration of Professor Plum, but I'm still a Miss Scarlet girl.

Please count me in! Feel free to stop by my blog for another chance to win.

(glad to find your blog)

opwfredericks said...

Please add me to your contest. You can contact me by posting on or entering my contest on my blog:
You can contact me on Facebook: Opw Fredericks

renkath said...

Hi Katie,
Please add my name to your list for the giveaway. (I am giving away, too)...

Andrew said...

I was just about to throw in my vote for Professor Plum! Thanks for doing this, and your chapbook sounds absolutely fascinating!

Tawnysha Greene said...

Would love to be a part of this drawing! I've got a giveaway going at my blog, too!


Nandini said...

Please count me in! Thanks!

Patrice said...

Your chapbook might actually entice my 16-year-old son to read poetry. Clue is his favorite game. Mary Oliver is my favorite poet. Thank you!


Mary Virginia Cooley said...

I'd love to get in on the giveaway - my name is Mary Virginia Cooley and my email address is mcooley(at)gustavus.edu! Happy National Poetry Month!

Amorak said...

I was always Mr. Green when I played. Put my name in the hat!

newzoopoet said...

Terrific choices! Please include me.

Katie Cappello said...

Happy to see some love for the Plums and Greens of the world...thanks for entering, everyone!

Jo said...

My favourite clue character is definitely Miss Scarlet :)


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Katie, it's great to meet you! Happy National Poetry Month. Your chap book sounds so wonderful, and Mary Oliver happens to be my MOST favorite contemporary poet! I would love to be included! I would say that Miss Scarlet has to be my favorite CLUE character. Not sure why - I think I like her name the best! Sincerely, Theresa (theresamacnaughtonatgmaildotcom)

Valerie said...

I had a crush on Professor Plum, so always picked him!

I love Mary Oliver and American Primitive is in the collection I have. Your chapbook looks fascinating!

Thanks for doing this giveaway.

threecreditsatatime said...

what a fun contest, and a great concept for a book of poems. I'll go with Colonel Mustard (in the observatory with a lead pipe)


Big Nine 7 said...

My fav is Mister Boddy.

http://russellevatt.blogspot.com/ is my poetry and performance blog.

I want to be a winner!

russell.evatt (at) gmail (dot) com

Barry Napier said...

Please enter me! Also, feel free to swing by MY blog and enter my contest.

Katie Cappello said...

What a wonderful choice...the villain! And the man himself just celebrated a birthday

Anonymous said...

want to participate in the Poetry Giveaway- hope i win the wonderful books!
and vote for Mr Green!


Sherry said...

Please include me

Samuel Sargent said...

My favourite CLUE character is Colonel Mustard because I hate mustard, so it's always nice to see it go to prison.