Monday, January 31, 2011

Movie Monday: Oscar Picks 2011

I have been gone too long, readers, but the Oscars have brought me back. So, without further delay, here are my uninformed, purely instinctive picks for the big night:

Best Picture
I don't dig having so many to pick from. There are really only a handful who have a true shot at the award, so isn't it just unfair to those at the back of the line? Of these ten, I wish the conceptual 127 Hours or the moody Winter's Bone had more of a chance. But because I want to be right, I'm going to say The King's Speech.

Best Director
Because he scares and awes me, Darren Aronofsky

Best Actress
The experts say Natalie's got this. They're probably right. After all, she did starve and bloody herself for the role.

Best Actor
Can the Dude abide for a second year in a row? Probably not. My runner-up, then, is Colin Firth. Long live the king.

Best Supporting Actress
Hmmm, this will be an interesting category to watch the night of. Will it be Amy "Always a Bridesmaid" Adams? Or will Helena Bonham Carter take it, wacky shoes, big hair, and all? I'd be happy either way.

Best Supporting Actor
Jeremy Renner? Really? Though I absolutely adore Geoffrey Rush, I'm going for beauty over age on this one and calling Christian Bale out for the shiny gold statue.

Other categories:

Best Animated Film
Because it won't win Best Picture...Toy Story 3.

Best Film Editing
C'mon, folks, we all know which movie it should be, right? For getting an audience to sit through two hours of a guy stuck between two rocks, my pick is 127 Hours. But it will probably go to Black Swan.

Best Costume Design
I feel pretty strongly about this one this year. If The Tempest, with its Elizabethan-Age-meets-Mad-Max vibe, doesn't win, I'll be sad.

Best Original Song
I don't care anymore. Door Number 3.

Best Makeup
Why is this category so measly this year? What about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland? Not everything was computer-generated. Or the slew of superhero and horror movies that usually flesh out this list? Or, hello, Nanny McPhee? Anyone? Bueler? In lieu of some actual good choices, I guess I'm going to have to say The Wolfman...although turning Benicio Del Toro into a hairy monster couldn't have been that much of a stretch.

Best Adapted Screenplay
This is the best chance for the small, yet tough Winter's Bone.

Best Original Screenplay
Oh, please, please, please, let it be a script with some actual good writing, instead of the plot-through-dialogue mess that was Inception. I'm voting for The Kids Are Alright. But it will probably be Inception.