Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Workshop: Party On, Wayne

This is the season of parties--cocktails, dinner, gift-swapping, tree-trimming--yet, I've noticed there are very few poems about soirees and get-togethers. Which is strange. The elements are all there: decorations and outfits that can be either festive or garish, depending on your mood; rich, indulgent food and drink; and fascinating personalities you wouldn't normally come into contact with on such an intimate basis. So why so few poems about parties?

I propose we correct this. Let's write poems about holiday parties, whether they are of the intimate or wild and jolly variety. Let's gather the images of the season--the lights, the wrapping paper, the bedazzled sweaters, the food rolled into log shapes, the punch, the cookies, the red cheeks and noses, the obscure and inappropriate relatives--and hold them close. Let's celebrate!

1 comment:

Donna Cappello said...

Good idea Kate - maybe one about delicious cookies which seem to be the "star" at Christmas time!