Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On Princesses

I learned some lessons about princesses recently. For instance, they're easy to fall in love with. We saw our princess (scientific name: Tibuchina urvilleana) on a day trip to Half Moon Bay. She was fascinating and exotic and absolutely beautiful. We had to have her. The gentleman that sold her to us assured us that she needed moderate watering and loved full sun. Perfect, we thought, for our sunny little piece of farm.
Pretty, pretty princess

But we should have known better. Princesses are, after all, delicate beings. Remember that beautiful girl who was terribly bruised by a single pea in her bed? Our princess was the same. Sun curled and scorched her fine purple petals, and she never seemed to have enough water. Even now, when the mornings bring a blanket of fog to the orchards and fields around the house, she suffers, parched. Apparently, full sun and moderate water mean different things on the Pacific coast.

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Donna Cappello said...

Lovely words, just like a fairytale.