Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie Monday: Bells Will Be Ringin' Part 2

As Thanksgiving draws to a close, do you find yourself dreading the weeks of dark chill before Christmas? Want to keep the fun alive? Then you might want to consider popping a movie or two into the ol' VHS (or, you know, stream it on Netflix). Here are a few more worthy holiday movies to choose from:

Why it's good: Really, the only Thanksgiving movie out there. And who can go wrong with two kings of comedy?

Why it's good: When you put a grown man in an elf suit, good things happen.

Why it's good: Ok, not technically a holiday movie, but the hostages were attending a Christmas party...and sometimes you just want to watch things blow up.

Why it's good: This proves dysfunction can be heartwarming.

Why it's good: A perfect compromise for holiday fanatics and humbugs who find joy in a drunk Santa.


Donna Cappello said...

I happen to really like The Family Stone - I guess I am a closet dysfunction-loving voyeur!

Katie Cappello said...

Yes, sometimes it makes for a great movie.