Monday, October 4, 2010

Movie Monday: Banned Together

I hope you celebrated Banned Books Week in an appropriately revolutionary way. As the week wraps up, I feel the need to keep that freedom alive, so I urge you to check out The Huffington Post's great list of (mostly) award-winning movies based on banned books. Here's some others that didn't make it on the list:

Based on: the novel by Jodi Picoult
Banned for: drugs, suicide, violence, sexism, homosexuality, offensive language.

Based on: the children's classic by Katherine Paterson
Banned for: death, New Age religion, occultism and Satanism, offensive language (including frequent use of the word "lord" outside of prayer).

Based on: the book by David Guterson
Banned for: sexual content

Based on: Roald Dahl's masterpiece
Banned for: occultism and Satanism, anti-feminism, violence

Based on: S.E. Hinton's classic
Banned for: depictions of dysfunctional families, drug and alcohol use, violence, offensive language

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