Monday, September 20, 2010

Movie Monday: Weird Science

I mentioned our house hunt a while back. Well, it continues...and continues...and continues. Really, it's starting to freak me out. I'm having nightmares about real estate agents, and I can't seem to get the smell of cheap air freshener out of my clothes. We recently viewed a house on Corbin Lane, which I insisted on calling Corbin Dallas Lane. It seemed apt. Not only am I a science fiction fan, but this whole house-buying business makes me feel like I'm in another dimension. So, it seems appropriate to indulge in a little sci-fi viewing.

If you feel the same way, you might want to check out these fab sci-fi films:

Why it's good: Besides being the best performance by Chris Tucker to date, the movie is visually vibrant and fashion-forward (thanks to Jean Paul Gaultier). It's got it all: witty one-liners, things blowing up, and a rubberized blue diva singing electronica during a fight scene.

Why it's good: A classic haunted house story, only in space, this movie is seriously scary. It features a pre-Matrix Laurence Fishburne and a very creepy Sam Neill (the guy from Jurassic Park). That's like science fiction royalty.

Why it's good: The Governator (aka Quaid) tries to save the deformed lower-class from an evil corporation. Gotta love the final eye-popping suffocation scene...maybe if some of our legislators spent some time like that, we'd have a budget.

Why it's good: Yes, yes, the original Terminator was classic. But in this one, Arnold's a good guy! And Eddie Furlong is crush-worthy! And Robert Patrick is made out of freakin mercury! C'mon, people!

Why it's good: Very quotable: "They mostly come at night...mostly." This is another example where the sequel is just as good as the original. And Sigourney was the perfect bad-ass female heroine for all us young girls to look up to. Game over, man.

Why it's good: Ok, the special effects haven't held up, but this movie is surprisingly funny and a pretty astute critique on modern consumer culture. Also, who wouldn't want to cheat death by becoming a human-robot hybrid?

Why it's good: Tonally spot-on, this movie is suave, stylish, and moody, just like its stars. Its examination of genetic engineering is, quite frankly, more measured and nuanced than many of the current arguments being made today.

Why it's good: Pre-television-show ridiculousness, this flick has many of the elements we sci-fi fans crave: a nerdy protagonist who gets the girl, a kick-ass portal to another dimension, and seriously creepy aliens.

Why it's good: More stylishness. More humor. More explosions. More creepy aliens. See a pattern? Plus, I've got to mention (because how can I not?) Denise Richard's fantastic bust and Casper Van Dien's cool airbrushed superman look.

Why it's good: This is an example of one of those rare instances when a relatively obscure group of people come together and create something completely original and entertaining. Seriously, who knew Vin Diesel before this?

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