Monday, September 13, 2010

Movie Monday: I've Been Watching...

viewing partner: Isaac
stars: ** 1/2
notes: This movie would have been so much better and made so much more sense if all the deleted scenes had not been deleted.

viewing partner: Isaac (again)
stars: **
notes: Clint Eastwood is a crochety old man who yells at the kids to stay off his lawn. What else is new?

viewing partner: Isaac (and again)
stars: * 1/2
notes: Meh. How the hell did Ricky Gervais get Jennifer Garner and Rob Lowe to do this blah movie?

viewing partner: alone
stars: ***
notes: I'm filing this in my "movies-that-started-out-as-plays-and-therefore-have-great-dialogue" file. I miss John Ritter.

viewing partner: alone (again)
stars: *** 1/2
notes: Another play-turned-movie with killer dialogue. Humid and stormy, Maggie the cat is just like a Southern summer.

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