Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here's Lookin at You, Blog

It's the 2nd Anniversary of Drowning the Field, and I thought I'd celebrate with a new look.

To keep the party going, and to honor the muse, here's a tale of creation:

Creation Story of the Corner of Barrone and Gravier
originally published in Perpetual Care

She carves trees out of jade and ivory,
branches of wet hair
out of a white pillowcase--

from skyscrapers she carves this heavy air,
the face of a crowd
waiting to cross the street, clips
a radiation warning
from the last bomb-shelter
for the mouth, and for the voice--

liquid bronze poured into a crucible,
so red it hurts.

Her birds--iron filings, bronze slurry,
coins crushed and dried into mud--
when the magnet of her thumb-nail
reached to her forehead,
they rise from trees,
a sudden black graffiti--

and when the thumb-nail drops
to her stomach, they fall
between cracks in the sidewalk.

Beneath my feet their wings tremble
as they wait for the next rise.

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Donna Cappello said...

Thanks for the great visual, Kate.