Monday, September 27, 2010

Banned Poetry #1

For Banned Books Week, I'm spotlighting a handful of banned poets. It's actually kind of surprising that the majority of banned books are fiction or non-fiction. Poetry, it seems, gets a free ride most of the time. Is that because it is a "freer" art form? Or because it is less widely read? Or maybe read mostly by people who disagree with banning books? What do you think?

Today's banned poet is Allen Ginsberg. Strategically, the movie Howl has just been released (in limited areas including, of course, San Francisco). The film tells the story of the iconic Beat poem and the obscenity trial which its publication incited. The poem itself is epic--a lyric, sprawling, yet energetic stream-of-conscious piece which captures the anger and despair of a generation of young people. Here's a few ways to experience the work for yourself:

  • Read the entire poem here.
  • Get the book...

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