Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Workshop: Bad to the Bone

Hooray, hooray!
It's Bad Poetry Day!

What do you think of when you think "bad poetry?" Limericks? Greeting card verse? That stuff you wrote in middle school that was all moody and angsty about the end of the world and the inanity of existence? Whatever your definition of bad poetry, today is the day to write some. There are no rules when it comes to bad poetry (except, of course, that it can't be good).

Need inspiration? I've actually got a growing library of bad poetry collections, from such bards as Leonard Nimoy, Pope John Paul II, and Billy Corgan. Why not purchase one of their so-bad-it's-kind-of-good books?

Once you've got something truly heinous, why not submit to Frisky or The Amazingly Bad Poetry Journal Review? I'd love to read it too, so don't be shy.


Donna Cappello said...

Leonard Nimoy? How about Rod Mcuen? In the 60's-70's, we thought he was really good. Hmmm...

Katie Cappello said...

Oh, yes, Rod McKuen. I do have one of his in my bad library...Listen to the Warm.