Friday, August 6, 2010

Speaking of Weddings...

Have you heard the big news? Chelsea Clinton and her new husband chose a poem to be read during their wedding ceremony. Entitled "The Life That I Have" by Leo Marks, the short piece was originally written in honor of his dead girlfriend. It was later used as a poem code during WWII by a French Intelligence officer named Violette Szabo, who was later captured and killed by the Nazis. I am shocked and dismayed that I've only now learned about the existence of poem codes.

In an article for the Telegraph, Christopher Howse suggested that Chelsea might be mocked for her choice of poem, because of its deadly history. But I agree with Howse's point that "it is really about death, but so are all the best love poems." After all, it's "till death do us part," isn't it? And I'm proud of the former first daughter for choosing a less traditional route, despite the fact that the eyes of the nation were on her. Maybe the poem's inclusion in such a high-profile ceremony will jump-start a new interest in personalized wedding readings. Forget "love is patient, love is kind..." folks. You might want to forget "The Life That I Have" too, unless you're the kind of person that names their kids Bella and Edward. Instead, get creative, do some research, and find a piece of writing that works for you. Hey, it works for Chelsea!


Katie Cappello said...

Well said, Kate.

Jennyvi Dizon said...

The poem was good, I wish she went with a designer other than Vera Wang - like me. Lol

But I agree with her choice, I love my wedding poem that hangs in my kitchen, so I can reminded about my best friend and my marriage : ).