Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Official, Part 2

Faithful readers of this blog will remember that I have lately been involved in many weddings, as both a member of the wedding party and a writer of wedding poems. I even helped one friend with planning for the event and another with research for an appropriate, non-religious ceremony reading. Well, at the request of two friends, I took this involvement to a whole new level. After becoming certified wedding officiants, my boyfriend and I wrote and performed their entire wedding ceremony.

One final edit before we begin

I. giving the introductions

Giving the readings

I read a passage from Madeleine L'Engle's The Irrational Season and a poem by Rumi. They were chosen by the couple from a collection of secular, yet wedding-appropriate readings that I have been gathering these past few years.

The vows

The exchange of rings

We now pronounce you husband and wife!

It was an incredible undertaking, and I am glad that I. was up there with me to share in the experience. You don't think about it as an observer, or even a bridesmaid, but the act of marrying two people, of being the person through which they express their union, is pretty heavy. Thankfully, we got through it with a few laughs and more than a few tears from the mother of the bride. It was an amazing day for two awesome people, and I am happy to have played a part in it.


Donna Cappello said...

Katie you amaze me! And I. - wow! Are you two actually licensed "ministers"?

Katie Cappello said...

Yep, or reverends!