Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What a Crock(er)

Sacramentans rejoice: the Crocker Art Museum is expanding. I drive by the museum every day on my way home from work, and I am excited by what I see. While I know that some locals have a nostalgic soft spot for the original Victorian house, I believe the open layout and lighting of museums such as the SFMOMA or the Getty are much more conducive to a positive and impactful art-viewing experience. Not to mention the fact that more space means more art (whether in scale or volume). And that is almost always a good thing.

Though the new wing is flanked by the busy I-5, the pictures in Dwell's recent article promise a place of tranquility and reflection worthy of the (hopefully) world-class art to be housed within. According to banners displayed on the old Victorian, the grand opening is slated for 10/10/10. Here's hoping the new building is a perfect 10 as well.


Anonymous said...

Actually the original building was never a house, but built as a museum by the Crockers in 1871, and it's been run continually ever since.

Katie Cappello said...

Thanks for the clarification! It sounds like you are a fan of the museum, and must be as excited as I am for the grand re-opening.