Monday, July 26, 2010

Movie Monday: I've Been Watching...

viewing partner: Isaac, post-Vegas trip
stars: ***
notes: Yes, we finally saw this, just so we were in on all the "wolf-pack" references our friends were making. If you're wondering, we are a three-wolf wolf-pack.

viewing partner: just myself
stars: ****
notes: Guy Pearce in drag is - dare I say it? - fabulous. I want to drive with him across Australia in a big pink bus.

viewing partner: a group of gal-pals, of course: Noel, Liz, Naomi, and Alyssa
stars: **
notes: Even the warm raspberry champagne snuck in to the theater couldn't dull the pain that was basically two hours of purposeless costume changes.

viewing partner: alone again
stars: ***
notes: Standard 80's fare. Seeing Vincent D'Onofrio as an oiled up, blonde and busty "Thor" was totally worth a viewing.

viewing partner: Isaac
stars: ** 1/2
notes: Unfortunately suffers from the "Batman Forever" syndrome: too many villans, not enough character development. But still love RDJ.

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