Friday, March 12, 2010

Two More for the Road

Here's a couple of small Sacramento-area presses I missed before:

The micro-press POEMS-FOR-ALL, run by Richard Hansen, produces tiny single-poem booklets, which can be yours for the low, low price of postage. With poems by the likes of Jack Micheline, Patti Smith, William Blake, and a host of local names, these little gems are like the Flinstones vitamin of poetry--tasty and good for you.

A little farther afield you'll find Quercus Review, which operates out of Modesto Junior College. Founded by Modesto Poet Laureate Sam Pierstorff, Quercus is both a journal and a press, and has been awarding a yearly book prize since 2003. What's more, the site has an amazingly thorough list of all the top lit mags in the country--a great resource for writers. Thanks Quercus!

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