Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie Monday: Oscar Post-Game's the day after the biggest night in Hollywood, and the big topic of conversation now did I do on my predictions?

Picture -- YES
Director -- YES
Actress -- YES
Actor -- YES
Supporting Actress -- YES
Supporting Actor -- YES
Animated Film -- YES
Film Editing -- NO
Costume Design -- YES
Original Song -- YES
Makeup -- YES
Adapted Screenplay -- YES

Final Score -- 11 out of 12 correct! Not bad, hey?

Sadly, District 9 came away with nothing...even as the Academy paid tribute to horror movies. Weird. Why doesn't Oscar like horror? True, there are many trashy horror flicks out there, but there are also those high-quality, truly sinister ones like The Others, The Shining, or most recently, Pan's Labyrinth. What do you think it will take for them to break the Best Picture glass ceiling?


Jennyvi Dizon said...

Unfortunately for those horror movies to break through, it seems they need to spend more money on the 3-D / CGI quality. These days, plot doesn't hold the attention of our youth and as they say money talks too. But yeah, that is awesome that you predicted so well!

And how about those gowns! I loved Sandra Bullocks and will be making a wedding gown adaptation of it : )

Donna Cappello said...

Good job, Katie! You should apply as a movie critic.

Karen said...

Well...There was Silence of the Lambs! :)

As for horror movies -- it does seem like they will have to spend more money. It also seems as if so many horror movies are instant remakes of the movies I grew up with...Friday the 13th, The Hitcher, etc... I could do a whole post! I just saw the new Nightmare on Elm Street trailer...

Didn't catch most of the Oscars -- would have like to seen the John Hughes tribute.

Katie Cappello said...

I totally forgot about Silence of the Lambs...thanks Karen!

You're right about remakes. I can't wait for Hollywood to get over their remake fever and come up with something original.

Jennyvi Dizon said...

Amen to that about the remakes! But just like my music, I like the original versions. Maybe that explains why, I am not a fan of wedding singers.