Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie Monday: Oscar Picks

My uninformed, purely instinctive picks for the big night:

Best Picture
As a horror/sci-fi fan, I wish District 9 had a chance. But, sadly, it doesn't. Between the two front runners, I'm going to go with The Hurt Locker. Though Precious has a chance for an upset if Oprah gets involved.

Best Director
Kathryn Bigelow. Or anyone other than Quentin Tarantino.

Best Actress
If Julie and Julia had been just Julia, I think Meryl Streep would have had a lock on this. And Carey Mulligan is just too young. Like everyone else, I'm sticking with Sandra Bullock, if only to hear her acceptance speech.

Best Actor
The Dude abides.

Best Supporting Actress
Is there really a choice here? Penelope Cruz in panties: no. Vera and Anna in business suits: uh, no. Maggie Gyllenhaal: it's not your year, sweetie, although we all love you and know that golden boy is coming your way someday. But this year, it's going to Mo'Nique.

Best Supporting Actor
I love Woody Harrelson, and I love that he was nominated. Also, love that Leo Tolstoy...I mean, Christopher Plummer...was as well. But this may just be the year of obvious front-runners, because Christoph Waltz has got this.

Other categories:

Best Animated Film
Up, on the strength of its incredibly moving opening sequence. And because if our dog could talk, it would sound like Doug.

Best Film Editing
Inglorious Basterds was a mess, I don't understand why it's even in the running. If District 9 wins anything that night, it might be this.

Best Costume Design
Period dramas are almost always a shoe-in, and The Young Victoria is no exception. But a movie about Coco Chanel (hello? famous clothing designer?) could trump the Queen here.

Best Original Song
Ok, I've got a big issue with this category. Academy, why wasn't Bruce nominated for his song for The Wrestler? And why were all of Eddie Vedder's amazing original songs from Into the Wild shunned? If Randy Newman wins another f-ing Oscar I'm gonna scream. My hopes and prayers are with T Bone Burnett.

Best Makeup
Really? Star Trek?

Best Adapted Screenplay
I'm pushing for Precious, based on Sapphire's Push. Awkward pun intended. But what I'd really like to see here is the author up there with the screenwriter. Where were Cormac McCarthy and Annie Proulx on the big night? I want writers to go to the Oscars, dammit! I want to go to the Oscars!

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Donna Cappello said...

I want you to go to the Oscars too! And I definitely KNOW that George's middle name is DOUG!!!