Friday, January 8, 2010


That's right...according to Kim Rosen, there's a word that means "fear of poetry," and apparently, only Americans have it. Or do we? In another anti-academia article, Rosen compares American attitudes towards poetry with those of Iranians, Welsh, Hungarians, and the like. Admittedly, we do seem to fall short. But Rosen thinks that's all past. With references to poetry seeded throughout movies like Invictus and television shows like Mad Men, the times they may be a-changin'.

Of course, we American poets still have a long way to go before we reach the superstar status of the performers on Saudi Arabia's Million's Poet. But we still have our coffeeshop readings and unread chapbooks, right? Speaking of, have you purchased your copy of A Classic Game of Murder yet?

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Donna Cappello said...

WooHoo! Got our copy today - I've read the first few and really enjoy it - Thanks for your talent, Katie!