Monday, December 14, 2009

Moving Picture Monday: Go Forth

One of my graduate school professors loved commercials. He was convinced that, if movies were novels and televisions shows short stories, commericals were poems for the screen. It was almost as if he was predicting Levi's newest commercial campaign.

A montage of mysterious and iconic images (fireworks; skyscrapers; a girl in a field; a fist in the air; a couple post-coital, jeans around ankles) is set, not to the newest John Mellencamp or Taylor Swift jam, but to a scratcy recording of Walt Whitman's anthemic verse. The commercials are haunting and powerful in their effect. Do they make me want to buy new jeans? Yes. But more, they make me want to watch commercials.

Now, before you get all uppity and anti-materialistic on me, consider Seth Stevenson's logical argument about the pairing of Whitman and Levi's over at Slate. It makes sense that the most American of poets would mingle well with the most American of clothing items. This makes me wonder, which other poets would be translatable to television? Which products would they be best suited to? What would you sell?

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Donna Cappello said...

LOVE those 2 commercials. Very artsy.