Monday, November 16, 2009

The Saga of the Fridge

Our fridge has been broken for a year. For a while it didn't matter, because we were traveling. Then we lived out of a dorm fridge for a while. You remember those, right? The slots for beer cans, sometimes a tiny "freezer" compartment for a singe ice tray or airplane-sized bottle of booze. I am still surprised at what we were able to pack in there: hot dogs, greens, eggs, lunch meat, even the occasional beer or two. But, of course, that broke too.

When we lost the mini fridge and still hadn't gotten the big one repaired, we learned to subsist on very little...and we got really good at making omelets. Now I don't know what to put in the new, albeit much smaller, fridge we recently purchased. Ketchup, tortillas, and fruit all found new places on pantry shelves, in baskets, or in drawers. Even our cheese was fine in the chest freezer outside. What do we really need all that space for?

Mark Menjivar, a photographer, is investigating the answer to that question. I found his work through Kris Sanford, an ASU alum and former Visual/Text coordinator. Menjivar's photographs record the contents of a person's fridge...from the glory of leftovers in styrofoam containers to the contents of the crisper drawer, however rotten. Included with each photo is a short bio of the person, sometimes even an explanation for the contents. It's a fascinating look into the eating habits of America. And while I figure out what to put in my fridge, I'll be enjoying Menjivar's work.

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Donna Cappello said...

I see in your future an "Ode to the Fridge"!