Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poetry Flash Fabulous

Up until recently, I was regularly posting monthly calendars for Sacramento-area literary events. These postings took up so much time, and so few people were clicking on the Adsense links (hint, hint), that it seemed like a mismanagement of my time. Plus (and here's the big secret), I was getting most of my information from Poetry Flash anyway.

Poetry Flash is a great resource for California and other Western writers. Providing information on submission calls, awards, book reviews, news items, and, yes, that fabulous literary event calendar, Poetry Flash is one-stop shopping for us word-slinging cowboys and girls. They even host a reading series, jam-packed with plenty of contemporary literary superstars.

Please visit their site for more information on upcoming events in November and December. And if you are struggling about what to get the writer in your life for the holidays, consider a donation or a subscription. The crew at Poetry Flash will thank you.

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