Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekly Workshop: Hiding Place

Underneath my coffee table, a little hand long ago scrawled pictures and words. Someone crouched under there, looked up, and saw the perfect place to write. Years ago, my friend, Cindy, and I saw a similar opportunity when her parents were building an addition to their house, and they had yet to install the insulation. We wrote our names--in pink, even--in the wall, for someone to one day find.

This week, imagine your writing in a hiding place where others rarely look. What would you say, if you knew no one alive would read it? How would you leave your mark for future generations to find? In the back of a cave, at the top of a television tower, on the underside of a plate left at Goodwill--write your secrets in secret places.

1 comment:

Donna Cappello said...

Well, dad & I were quite mad at you kids for doing that, however, now it seems magical that you have found a secret piece of your youth!