Thursday, September 24, 2009

Game Time

Here's a little diversion for those of you suffering from mid-week blues. Cheese or Font is a fun little online game in which you have to decide if something is...well...a cheese or a font. It's really much harder, and more fun, than it sounds. you know the answer? The sounds of the words are wonderful for those of us who love such things. And for foodies and design freaks alike, the challenge is impossible to resist. What's your high score?


Lindsey Gosma Donhauser said...


That's 0.5% higher than the average. I'll count that as a win?

Is it frightening that I pretty much sat down and did the whole 268 straight (just one break to pick up dry cleaning)?

Katie Cappello said...

I knew you'd rock it! I can't believe there's a whole 268...