Friday, August 7, 2009

When It Rains...

It was supposed to rain yesterday. In fact, the forecast warned of thunderstorms. But instead, I spent a nice afternoon on a blanket in the sun with my dog and another new journal. The Sow's Ear Poetry Review has just released the Summer 2009 issue, which includes "The Study" from A Classic Game of Murder. Also included in this volume are poems from two other Northern California writers: Rebecca Foust, whose chapbook, Mom's Canoe, I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing, and Alexa Mergen, who serves as the Sacramento Area Coordinator for California's Poets in the Schools. Hello neighbors! Order your budget-friendly copy here.

Those of you who have experience submitting to literary journals know that dry spells between acceptances can seem endless. Well, I'm going to have to raise a glass--or sacrifice a chicken--to the rain gods, because this morning I received a message about the newest BOXCAR Poetry Review, up live and including a new poem of mine, "Rescue Effort." Read the entire, fabulous issue here.

Enough with the rain metaphors! Get out, soak up the sun (as per Sheryl Crow), and enjoy your Friday.

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Donna Cappello said...

I'll definitely soak it up here in Phoenix - we gots lots o'rain!