Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekly Workshop: Right Here in River City

Lists fascinate me. So do names. So when I stumbled upon this list of city nicknames for yesterday's post, I was, understandably, swept away. The possibilities--as titles, as metophoric leaps, as newly imagined cities a la Italo Calvino or the more contemporary Jen Currin--are endless.

Some are, admittedly, overused. Some simply state the facts. Some are jokes (Silicorn Valley is, of course, Fairfield, Iowa) But some are truly fabulous. Why, for instance, is Fayetteville, NC known as Torture Town? Or what does it mean to say that Anchorage is the Air Crossroads of the World? And just think about what fun you could have with Witch City (Guayama, PR), Neon Babylon (Reno, NV), Land of the Sleeping Giant (Hamden, CT), or Barbecued Mutton Capital of the World (Owensboro, KY...seriously).

Let me know what you come up with. Me? I'll be playing around with Nail City (Wheeling, WV), Jet City (Seattle, WA) and Silk City (Allentown, PA). Have fun!

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