Friday, August 21, 2009

Nude and Moody

While I do my best to promote local area literary events on this blog, I am aware that readings can be staid and stuffy. I have been to a few fantasticly entertaining readings, and many, many dull affairs that were not over soon enough. But, as the following two reading series show, a literary event doesn't have to be yawn-inducing.

Now, anyone who has shared a beer with me at Casey Moore's or Four Peaks in Tempe, AZ, will know that naked poetry reading was my idea. Many were the nights I described with great enthusiasm to anyone who would listen this revolutionary plan to shake up the literary world. But, like all good ideas, someone else thought of it and actually made it happen. Now those of you in the Chicago area have the chance to watch the lovely girls of Naked Girls Reading perform great literature in the buff.

Another great reading series, Cringe invites New Yorkers to read selections from their middle- and high-school diaries to the crowd. This appeases two desires: one, to read someone else's diary (oh, sweet, sweet voyeurism); and two, to revel in the Doc Marten-ed melodrama that was adolesence in the early Nineties. And what an appropriate time to do so, now that flannels are back. Baby doll dresses and wide leg jeans can't be far behind.

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