Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indie Bookstore Number 3

What: The Avid Reader at the Tower

Where: 1600 Broadway, Sacramento, CA

What I found:
1. A whole shelf full of Gary Snyder
2. Not one, but two shelved copies of Richard Siken's Crush
3. Fantastic front displays of new releases overlooked in big box stores

Why you should go: The poetry section is extensive, in both size and quality. If they don't have something at this location, there's a chance it's at the sister store in Davis. It's a great option if you're early for your movie at the Tower Theater. The guy at the counter won't bother you, either.

Want more? Visit the Avid Reader website for store events and updates.

1 comment:

Donna Cappello said...

An extensive poetry section you say? Well then, they must have "Perpetual Care by Katie Cappello"!