Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From the City of Good Neighbors

For those of you that don't know, the City of Good Neighbors, also known as Queen City, Nickel City, and my father's hometown, is Buffalo, NY. Buffalo's literary journal, Slipstream, has just released Issue 29, chock full of the freshest poetry around. Included in the line-up are my friends and colleagues Karen J. Weyant and Meghan Brinson. I also have a handful of poems included, from my soon-to-be-released chapbook, A Classic Game of Murder. Purchase your copy here for only 200 nickels.

In other book news, David Applebaum reviews Perpetual Care in Gently Read Literature. One of my favorite review sources, Gently Read Literature is dedicated to reading and reviewing the most contemporary of contemporary literature. A big thank you to David for writing such a lyric, elemental review.


Donna Cappello said...

Yay Katie! I read the review - very good. He seems to appreciate your "words".

Karen J. Weyant said...

I saw your name in Slipstream's lineup on their webpage, but I haven't gotten my copy yet. Can't wait to read it -- the guys at Slipstream always do such beautiful artwork, too!

Your dad is from Buffalo? How did he survive the longggggg winters?

Transletics said...

Awesome to hear you're in this issue as weell! I can't wait to get mine. Congrats on the chapbook as well!

Katie Cappello said...

I'm excited to get my copy as well and read both of your pieces. I think the way my dad survived was by moving to Phoenix!