Monday, July 27, 2009

Movie Monday: I've Been Watching...

Viewing Partner: Grandma Dixie
Stars: **
Notes: When Grandma can't follow the plot line, you have issues. Movies like this are the reason I'm not married.

Viewing Partner: Isaac and a bunch of cell-phone-less adolescents
Stars: ***1/2
Notes: The black boxes needed to be bigger. Loved seeing Paula Abdul perched on the back of an immigrant worker.

Viewing Partner: Isaac
Stars: *
Notes: Hyperbole is not automatically funny. We couldn't even finish it.

Viewing Partner: Isaac
Stars: ****
Notes: A lot of looking out windows and doors, but obvious metaphors aside, a good show. Why didn't Richard Jenkins win the Oscar?

Viewing Partner: Al & George
Stars: **
Notes: Ben Affleck directed this. 'Nuff said. Michelle Monaghan is the bright spot in a hackneyed collage of cop drama cliches.

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