Friday, July 3, 2009

Got Poem?

I think the California Milk Processor Board shares an ad man with Apple. Their Got Milk? ad campaign is so successful, it's still going after more than ten years. That's like a baseball player signed to a multi-million dollar contract the day of his fortieth birthday, or a model continuing to get work well into her thirties.

Now they are using the art of YouTube to spread their word in Spanish. Purposefully cheesy (pun intended) poems are combined with stock nature footage and syrupy music in order to get biliingual youth to drink milk. But the true art is in the words.

Like Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 (aka "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun"), these poems purposefully subvert traditional romantic language in favor of phrases like "The moon witnessed the sleeplessness caused by your missing tooth." They're fun, fabulous, and delightfully gross. I don't know if they'll make anyone crave a tall, frosty glass of milk, but if they get someone to read a little poetry, I'm all for it.

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