Friday, July 24, 2009

Footwear Friday

Many years ago, the enigmatic Chiles Wilson washed up on the muddy banks of the Delta, clutching a pair of coveted Olympic Series Air Jordans in his cute, baby hands. His destiny was born. But it wasn’t until 3rd period Geometry Class, during a lecture on the obtuseness of pie wedges, that he seized it. “It” was a shoe…his own shoe, upon which he wrought magical visions in sweet-smelling Sharpie.

People liked what they saw. They liked his shoes, too. He began making shoes for others. The frenzy grew. To date, Chiles has created more than 150 customized pairs of shoes. He says, “I’m just a kid in a garage who likes drawing on stuff.” Don’t listen to him. He has honed his craft like a ninja, and he can see into your soul.

Shoes are meant to be worn. Chiles Shoes are meant to be worn by you.

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