Thursday, June 18, 2009


Apparently, it's all about who you know...or maybe, who you read. In a discussion about the changing face of job searches on NPR, an exec mentioned that some positions now require you to have a blog. I remember discovering this for myself as I timidly entered the vast pool of freelance writing last year. Almost every job posting asked for a "link to your blog." So what is an unemployed writer to do? Start a blog, of course.

More than six months later, Drowning the Field has definitely helped me land writing jobs. In fact, my recent photo essay about the Galapagos led to a travel writing gig for The Circumference. My Goodreads profile helped me become a book reviewer for the Sacramento Book Review and California Literary Review, and old posts about movies led to another reviewing gig for Medium Rare TV.

Will my Yelp posts lead to a similar position, where I will somehow get paid to eat and drink wine? I can only hope. In the meantime, if you haven't gotten enough of me, you can find my reviews and articles at the following sites:

1. An article on the Arizona Bronze Foundry at Shooting Gallery Magazine
2. The Charles Darwin experience at The Circumference
3. Fiction reviews at California Literary Review

Happy reading, friends.

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