Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie Monday: I've Been Watching...

Viewing Partner: No one
Stars: ** 1/2
Notes: Good, but not great Kaufman film. Sam Rockwell is downright disgusting, and Julia Roberts makes an awful spy.

Viewing Partner: Still no one
Stars: ***
Notes: Another movie lampooning the movie biz, this one turns a little surreal at the end, but is still pretty funny.

Viewing Partner: Isaac
Stars: ****
Notes: Finally, Russell Crowe does some acting. Fabulous character-driven drama and a stellar stand-off at the end.

Viewing Partner: Grandma Dixie
Stars: *
Notes: When a diabetic matriarch loses her legs and falls into a coma, what does the family do? Lie, cheat, scream, and cook bad food. Blah.

Viewing Partner: George
Stars: ***
Notes: The wooden acting from Dana Andrews suffers a bit with age, but Vincent Price is perfect as a whiny, gold-digging fiancee.

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