Thursday, June 4, 2009

Indie Bookstore Number 1

I decided to start a new series on this blog dedicated to the great independent bookstores that I have come across. This idea is a direct descendent of Marc Fitten's Indie 100. In this blog project, Mark has promised to chronicle the indie bookstores he visits during a tour in support of his debut novel, Valeria's Last Stand. As the title suggests, he hopes to visit 100 of them.

I am a little less ambitious, but no less enthusiastic about promoting independently-owned bookstores. So here is the first of many:

What: Adobe Books and Gallery

Where: 3166 16th Street, San Francisco, CA

What I found: 
1. A perfect-condition used copy of Otherwise, the selected poems of Jane Kenyon
2. A vintage field guide to the plants and animals of the Sierra Nevada
3. A 1970's edition of Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native, with killer cover art

Why you should go: It's in the lively Mission neighborhood, on the same street as a saliva-inducing creperie. The selection is dizzying, and the only reason I didn't buy more was the fact that my bag was too small. The store is large, bright and cluttered. They host readings and gallery openings in their back room.

Want more?: Read their blog, Adobe Books Backroom Gallery.

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