Friday, June 5, 2009

Farm Fresh Friday

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live on a farm? To get fresh, delicious fruit each day from your own trees rather than a supermarket shelf? Then check out the premium fruit gifts at Golden State Fruit.

These baskets and boxes contain the best my region of California has to offer: perfect pears, luscious cherries, and citrus to die for. I'm talking sweet, juicy, flavorful...the kind of fruit they ate at the dawn of time. And the chocolate-covered almonds aren't bad either.

An added bonus: each luscious piece of fruit is packed by an equally luscious farm boy or maiden. You can taste the sexiness in every bite. Don't believe me? Then try one for yourself. Or send a beautiful gift to a loved one. Visit Golden State Fruit and support a great new company.

1 comment:

Isaac said...

That looks like a delicious fruit gift that anyone would love.