Thursday, May 14, 2009

Public Policy

If you read my previous posts, you will know that I am a fan of public poetry, or, more precisely, of putting poetry in poetry-less places. You might also be able to tell that I love collaboration between the arts, specifically those of the visual and written kind. It is inevitable, therefore, that I am a little obsessed with Broadsided

Based on traditional printing practices, Broadsided produces (I think) about one sheet of art-accompanied poetry or prose a month. In true eglatarian spirit, it is electronic, so anyone can print it out. People can even sign up to be "vectors," and their charge is to put the printed piece somewhere public--a sign post, a waiting room, a bus stop--for others to encounter. But you can use the Broadsides however you want. I used them in my middle school classes to talk about metaphor, imagery, and the like.  It was a great way to expose my students to contemporary, working writers and artists, rather than the long dead in their textbooks.

And speaking of working writers, this month's Broadside includes a poem from Karen Weyant, a wonderful working poet who writes about the wonderfully gritty stuff of life. Enjoy.

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