Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Monday: A Perfect 10

As the summer blockbuster season descends and we are inundated with loud, violent, flashy, and often poorly made movies by hacks like Michael Bey and McG, I've been thinking about my list of perfect movies. You know, those movies that have it all: a quirky, yet lovable lead, an engaging story with a dash of fantasy, a tightly-edited and evenly-paced film, compelling and elevated dialogue...a movie that makes you feel good as you leave the theater.

As I began to compile a list in my head, I realized that my perfect movies and my favorite movies were mutually exclusive, a curious occurence. My favorite movies often have a nostalgic element to them. There are awkward moments, bad filming choices, but I love them all the same. Perhaps we can admire and appreciate that which is perfect, but only truly love that which is flawed.

So, for all you summer movie viewers looking for either the perfect movie, or its slightly awkward cousin, here are my suggestions:

Perfect 10's

All-Time Favorites


Kathy said...

Oh! thanks for the list--- I had no idea that the movie Clue existed!
Very cool.

Katie Cappello said...

Yes, it's awesome! Very cheesy and fun.