Monday, April 13, 2009

Movie Monday: I've Been Watching...

viewing partner: All by my lonesome
stars: ***1/2
notes: Ever the trendsetter, Kurt Russell was rocking the skinny jeans stuffed into knee-high boots way before it was cool.

viewing partner: Isaac & George
stars: ***
notes: A pimp with a heart of gold, huh? That's a little hard to swallow. But the song is so damn infectious.

viewing partner: Isaac & George
stars: **
notes: Craig Brewer has a hang-up about little white girls and big black men. Why is every supporting character a bad stereotype?

viewing partner: Isaac, Rosie, Donna, & George
stars: ****1/2
notes: Offensive musical numbers and jokes about Tucson are about as good as it gets. Rock me, sexy Jesus!

viewing partner: a theater full of kids
stars: ****
notes: What's better than jokes about Tucson? Jokes about Modesto. What's better than jokes about Modesto? Jokes about Fresno.

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jared david said...

and my roommate insists i'm the only person on earth who still appreciates the classic 80's and early 90's movies. he still cringes when i bring up big trouble in little china.