Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blog Roll Call

Blogging about blogs? Oh, yes, it's happening. My blog friend, Kathy, led me to a post at Jen on the Edge requesting book recommendations from writers who blog. This got me thinking about writer's blogs, and the sometimes strange, usually fascinating stuff they choose to post. Here's a run-down of the writers I've come across in the blog world, my own recommendations for further reading:

A big inspiration for my own blog, David posts pictures from his travels, poems from other writers as well as his own new work, and random weird bits of news from all over.

We used to have neighboring desks in the dungeon of ASU's English building. Now, Charlie works in Washington D.C. and writes about movies, television, theater, and, of course, writing.

This one is a new discovery. Apparently, Shawna loves Trivial Pursuit just as much as I do, and has started a trivia contest through her blog. She also writes about art and politics.

Founder of Dancing Girl Press, crafter of beautiful things, and an inspiring poet in her own right, Kristy blogs about her busy busy life and the things that inspire her.

And if that's not enough, check out Poets Who Blog, which has a comprehensive list of writer's blogs all down it's right-hand side.

Happy reading!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Katie, I am absolutely floored by "Perpetual Care."

Writing is obviously something that comes very easily to you--- anyone can see that from just reading your blog.

I think you must have been writing long before you were born, my dear.