Monday, March 9, 2009

Movie Monday: I've Been Watching...

Viewing Partner: Grandma Dixie
Stars: ***
Notes: The perfect movie to watch with a grandma. But is the closed-caption writer French? For some reason, Shirley MacLaine's character showed up as "Ouiser."

Viewing Partner: Isaac and George
Stars: *****
Notes: Hilarious, heartfelt, real. Perfect. But the poor Netflix-abused DVD kept freezing, and I almost busted my DVD player Office Space style.

Viewing Partner: Isaac
Stars: **1/2
Notes: After the show, Isaac insulted the entire audience by saying, loudly, "Let's get away from these nerds." Read my full-length review here.

Viewing Partner: Isaac
Stars: ****
Notes: We laughed. A lot. The birth-order traits are perfectly portrayed. Anyone with a sibling will love this movie.

Viewing Partner: Riding solo, brah
Stars ***
Notes: Keanu an FBI agent? Not likely. But the pacing was right-on, and everyone loves surfing and bank robbers in funny masks.

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