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Life Support: April Literary Events in Sacramento and Beyond


Susan Kelly-Dewitt, Libby Kovacs, & William O'Daly
1719 25th Street
Sacramento, CA

Susan Kelly-Dewitt is the author of five chapbooks and the full-length collection Fortunate Islands from Marick Press. Sandra McPherson says, "These poems are sure-footed, engaging, broad in subject matter but grounded in the poet's wary detective-mind."

Libby Kovacs is the author of the memoir Liberty's Quest: The Compelling Story of the Wife and Mother of Two Poetry Pulitzer Prize Winners, James Wright and Franz Wright. Besides writing, she worked as a marriage and family therapist.

William O'Daly is a poet and celebrated translator of Pablo Neruda's works. His translations include The Book of Questions, Hands of the Day, The Sea and the Bells, The Separate Rose, Still Another Day, Winter Garden, World's End, and The Yellow Heart. 


Camille Dungy, Camille Norton, & Matthew Zapruder
1719 25th Street
Sacramento, CA

Camille Dungy is an award-winning poet and author of the collection What to Eat, What to Drink, What to Leave for Poison from Red Hen Press. Nikki Giovanni says, "Camille Dungy has a garden of verses that spring up with the sunshine or hide with you in the dusk."

Camille Norton is an English Professor at the University of Pacific in Stockton and the author of the collection Corruption, winner of the 2004 National Poetry Series selected by Campbell McGrath.

Matthew Zapruder's books include American Linden from Tupelo Press, The Pajamaist from Copper Canyon, and the translation Secret Weapon: The Late Poems of Eugen Jebeleanu from Coffee House Press. He teaches at UC Riverside.


Julia Connor, Jose Montoya, Dennis Schmitz, Terry Ehret, Kevin Patrick Sullivan, Sam Pierstorff, & Carolyn Wing Greenlee
Book Release Reading for Sometimes in the Open, an anthology of poems from California's Poets Laureate
1719 25th Street
Sacramento, CA

Julia Connor: teacher, painter, and author of Bird: A Fable, x-ing the acheron, Gradual Map, A Canto for the Birds, and The Delta Poem

Jose Montoya: teacher, bilingual poet, and author of In Formation: 20 Years of Joda and El Sol y Los De Abajo and other R.C.A.F. poems por José Montoya.

Dennis Schmitz: former teacher and author of seven books, including Truth Squad from Copper Canyon.

Terry Ehret: teacher and co-founder of Sixteen Rivers Press, her books include Suspensions and Lost Body.

Kevin Patrick Sullivan: co-founder of the Annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival and author of First Sight from Mille Grazie Press.

Sam Pierstorff: runs Slam on Rye, a Modesto reading series, and Querecus Review Press, which released Sam Slams, an audio CD of his work.

Carolyn Wing Greenlee: founder of Earthen Vessel Productions and author of Wildflowers in the Snow.


Poetry of Color with Indigo Moor
Valley Hi-North Laguna Library
6351 Mack Road
Sacramento, CA

Past president of the Sacramento Poetry Center and editor of the Tule Review, Indigo Moor's new book, Tap Root, is part of Main Street Rag's Editor's Poetry Series. Jane Hirschfield says, "These are poems weighted with the real world, consequential, revelatory, and moving."


Avid Reader
617 Second Street
Davis, CA

A San Francisco resident, Russell Howze is the curator of StencilArchive.org and author of Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art. Stencil Nation examines the phenomenon of stencil graffiti found around the world and includes work from more than 350 artists.


Poetry at The Vox: Benefit for Sacramento's Homeless
with Rachel Leibrock, Joe Atkins, Lytton Bell, Genelle Chaconas, James Benton, Jen Jenkins, Matt Veazey, & Crystal Anderson
600 4th Street
West Sacramento, CA

Rachel Leibrock: culture writer for the Sacramento Bee whose chaplet has been published by Poems for All.

Joe Atkins: graduate student at UC Davis and editor for Convergence: an online journal of poetry & art.

Lytton Bell: writer and teacher of poetry, with two chapbooks, The Book of Chaps and A Path Before Winter.

Genelle Chaconas: student of creative writing at Sac State, with poems in Rattlesnake Review and Calaveras Station.

James Benton: graduate student at Sac State, whose publications include New York Quarterly and Oregon East.

Jen Jenkins: local poet active in the Sacramento Poetry Center and the South Natomas Community Center workshop.

Matt Veazey: former student at University of Arizona whose poems have appeared in Convergance and Poetry Now.

Crystal Anderson: graduate of UC Davis and poetry reviewer for Sotto Voce Magazine.


Avid Reader at the Tower
1600 Broadway
Sacramento, CA

A San Francisco resident, Russell Howze is the curator of StencilArchive.org and author of Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art. Stencil Nation examines the phenomenon of stencil graffiti found around the world and includes work from more than 350 artists.

413 D. Street
Marysville, CA

Selden Edwards is a Yuba-Sutter native and former headmaster of various independent schools. Richard Ford says his debut novel, Little Book, "is richly inventive, woven tightly with incident, and fully engaging. It is also superbly humane and readable."


Chana Bloch and Chana Kronfeld, translators
University of California, Davis
126 Voorhies Hall
Davis, CA

Chana Bloch is the author of The Secrets of the Tribe, The Past Keeps Changing, and Mrs. Dumpty. Chana Kronfeld is Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley. They will discuss their new translation, Hovering at a Low Altitude: the Collected Poetry of Dahlia Ravakovitch. Ravakovitch is known as a famous peace activist one of the greatest Hebrew women poets of all time.


Avid Reader
617 Second Street
Davis, CA

Shawna Yang Ryan is a writer, teacher, and author of Water Ghosts, otherwise known as Locke 1928. Yang Ryan's debut is the haunting story of a Sacramento Delta community of Chinese immigrants and the ghosts that haunt them. 

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