Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let's Make A Deal

I loved the old game show Let's Make A Deal...the ridiculous costumes, the fabulous prizes hidden behind doors one, two, and three, the camp, the anticipation. My brother and I would watch, yell at the television "take the money!" or "the box! the box!" I'd feel bad if the contestant did what I said only to end up with a year's supply of chicken feed.

But today, I have a deal for you that is free of tricks or ridiculous costumes. Dancing Girl Press is offering a subscription for the entire collection of 2009 chapbooks for only $100. For this price, you'll get all thirty chapbooks (including A Classic Game of Murder) and any extra broadsides or special projects that happen to be made during the year. You'll get them as they are published, like little surprises in the mail twice a month. What a deal! Check the Dancing Girl Press website for more details.

If you need further enticing, here's a sexy poem by Sarah Den Boer, whose chapbook, Sawdust, Sugarcube, is part of the deal:

Slow Dance
by Sarah J. Den Boer

How to say more than lazy lids.
Some quiet ecstasy in the way

I mouth come. Headboard of plywood
and splinters under fingernails

like hot satin ribbon. We slow dance
at sunrise. Back-country shack

and nosebleeds at noon. Our descent
into indigo, elbows fierce as pick-axes.

There is so much to avoid. The freezer
on the front porch, hinges snagging my hem

and the buttons on your shirt. When the nail
pierced my cheek, only the tinkle

of bone wind-chimes, crackle of parched
quack grass. Blood a sticky necklace,

crusted in the creases. Everything tightens
when you are around. Searing breath

of berries and rum. Six steel strings stretched
behind blue curtains; even the brocade,

bruised and trampled by goats. Pummel.
Paper lanterns buzz and tear, beer cans explode.

My rusty bicycle with the velour seat, leaning
against the shed. Topples; rises. Topples again.

Originally published in Prick of the Spindle.


Kathy said...

Been reading your posts all morning--- found your blog via dulcetly and I'm very glad for it.

Katie Cappello said...

Thanks Kathy. LOVE the neck warmer. LOVE the Stepford pic.