Friday, September 12, 2008

Drowning the Field: a Note on the Title of this Blog

I live in a small town by a river. We are known as a delta region, a place where multiple waterways converge on their way to the ocean. Because of this formation, many people live on islands among these rivers--islands that would be part of the river itself, if not for the levees keeping them dry.

Like bowls of land in which farmers plant their crops, these islands make it easy to irrigate the fields. Water pumps placed strategically around the perimeter of the island make it possible to bring in as much or as little water as needed. And once a year, in the winter, these fields are flooded, or drowned.

This drowning is a necessary task. It packs the plant material remaining from harvest down into the earth, strengthening the integrity of the island and adding nutrients to the dirt. Much in the same way the mythical Phoenix is renewed after a necessary burning, the islands that shouldn't be are stronger and more rich after their near-death.

I'd like to do something similar here--that is, I'd like to add my own voice to the rest already strengthening our culture, from pop to high, and everything in between. So, welcome, and thank you for reading. Here's to necessary drowning and future harvests.

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